Castlecore Corset Sewing Pattern

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Corset Sewing Pattern for a historically-inspired (but not-so-historically-accurate) pair of back-lacing stays

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I put together this pattern after I thrifted some French country toile curtains, and I knew I just had to put it on a corset specifically one that laced in the back and highlighted this little castle detail, among the other illustrations.

And let me just nip it in the bud right away. There’s nothing particularly historically accurate about these stays or corset or whatever you want to call it. At best, you could probably say that this design was influenced by half-boned transitional stays of the late 18th century, but that’s about as much history as I can contribute. There are so many fashion historians available on YouTube and other social media platforms that I would highly recommend you follow if that’s what you’re here for.